Catholic Girl Gone Bad



Ol' 927 B-24 Nose Art
The CAF wanted nose art that was "ownable" and marketable to all ages. Meaning they weren't interested in continuing to have a pin up girl on the side as had been the case for the previous 30 years. In research it was determined that the aircraft had been referred to as "Ol' 927" (part of the serial number) by Consolidated after a training crash, and so they felt the name would be a good tie in to the aircraft's past. As Disney played a huge role in the creation of artwork and insignias during the war, I wanted to allude to that stylistically with a cartoon B-24, determined to get into the fight and do his job.

Once we got the art drawn onto both sides, I took the starboard side and Sean took the port side. My Dad helped on my side, and Mike helped on Sean's side. We started with some basic washes to lay down a base.

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